Born in Germany and raised in Indiana, Danyelle M. Yoder graduated from R. Nelson Snider High School in Fort Wayne, IN. 

At an early age, she turned to music and the arts to express things she didn’t have words for, as well as to better understand a wide variety of world views.   Even though she received constant praise for her drawings she ultimately chose to study interior design at IPFW.   Later realizing that passion could not be so easily ignored she pursued a fine art education at Milan Art Institute.


Danyelle is a deep-thinker and an old soul. She finds inspiration in the principals of life, the music that conveys it honestly and people that carry strength.   Her expressive portraits communicate a sense of purpose and destiny as if the subjects have risen from turmoil and gained an unshakeable determination.  She says, “I am forever inspired by timeless faces, earthy colors and a common story of triumph. I am chasing the ability to capture the inner workings of the mind.  If I can release work that nods to the hardships of life and wrap it with a sense of triumph, then I have done my job.” 


Currently, Danyelle is working from an unfancy but efficient home studio.  She graduated from Milan Art Institute Mastery Program in September 2021 and shows her work throughout Indiana and surrounding areas.  You can find her at as well as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

My work involves a great deal of mystery and my process is a personal battle of trying to get out of the way of the art.  I show up and I practice my craft.  I push my own boundaries and challenge myself.  Yet, my best work I can hardly take credit for.  I stumble into beauty and leave it on the canvas.  My life becomes my art; therefore, I'll spend my days with intentionality.


Observing the Unobservable.

Fighting to rest.

Resting to fight.

Being still to Listen.